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Greeting from the KFA president

As the president of the Korean Finance Association, I welcome all members and non-members for visiting the homepage of Korean Finance Association.

Since its establishment in 1987, the KFA has become the most prestigious association for scholars and practitioners from finance areas in Korea due to our members' dedication to academic excellence and their endless contribution to the association.

To preserve our heritage as the leading academic finance association in Korea from the past and transmit to future generations, we need to devote all our time and energy to continue maintaining inherited academic conferences and symposiums and enhancing all the supports to promote our academic journal, Asian Review of Financial Research, to be citated as a Social Sciences Citation IndexTM journal in the future.

In 2023, KFA initiates its inaugural joint conference in Seoul with Taiwan Finance Association which includes joint sessions and individual meetings among scholars from Korea and Taiwan. Both associations come to an agreement by which each association hosts the event to develop mutually beneficial academic relationship in the future. In addition, KFA plans to set up a preliminary meeting among former presidents and senior members of KFA to inaugurate an official "Korean Finance Academy" (tentative title) to promote continuing research activities from existing members.

We witnessed that Korean economic system has started to experience its financial difficulties due to several years of pandemic outbreaks and consequential government policies to rehabilitate our economy. Our role and responsibility to the society and finance industry should not only be limited to academic achievements but also extended to providing insightful information to our government and industry. We shall confront any challenge with your support and participation.

All the best,

January of 2023

Bum Kim, Ph.D.