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Author Guidelines

1. Submission

For publication in the Asian Review of Financial Research, please submit your manuscript in electronic form via e-mail to journal@korfin.org. All manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the manuscript style guidelines stipulated by the Review. All manuscripts must be professionally proofread before submission.

A manuscript to be published in the Review shall be in a form of a research paper or research note that displays significant academic value and quality. The work described in the manuscript must not already have been published in a book or another academic journal. Nor shall it be under consideration for publication elsewhere. The Review shall not consider a manuscript which contains a work that has previously been published in the form of a project report.

2. Submission and Publication Fees

All submissions must be accompanied by a submission fee of KRW70,000 for a member of the Korean Finance Association (US$70 for a foreign resident member) or KRW100,000 for a nonmember (US$100 for a foreign resident nonmember). For a manuscript with multiple authors, as long as at least one of the authors is a member of the Association, the member submission fee shall be charged. After the final decision for publication is made, a publication fee of KRW70,000 (US$70 for a foreign resident) will be charged to the author. After the publication process is complete, 10 printed copies of the manuscript shall be provided to the author at no charge.

3. Review Process

All submissions are subject to double blind reviews by two referees. Referees are required to recommend the editor one of the following four decisions: i) to be published as is; ii) to be reviewed again after minor revisions; iii) to be reviewed again after major revisions; iv) not to be published.

Based on the recommendations by the two referees, the editor shall make a final editorial decision according to the following rules:
- i/i: to be published as is (a certification letter for publication can be issued);
- i/ii, i/iii, ii/ii, ii/iii, iii/iii: to be reviewed after requested revisions are made;
- iii/iv, iv/iv: not to be published;
- i/iv, ii/iv: the editor can either request the first reviewer to re-examine the manuscript, assign a third referee, or decide to reject the paper.

The editor has the authority to override a referee’s recommendation.

The normal review process takes eight weeks from the submission of a manuscript till the notification of an editorial decision with review reports.

4. Style Guidelines

(1) The first page of the manuscript must contain the title, the name(s) of the author(s), the institution(s) with which the author(s) is (are) affiliated, an abstract of no more than 200 words, up to five keywords, and a footnote with the full mailing and e-mail address of the corresponding author and acknowledgements. The footnote on the title page should not be numbered.
(2) The text must be double spaced. All pages should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. Sections and subsections should be marked as follows:

(3) Footnotes should be used only when necessary and numbered consecutively throughout the text in Arabic numerals.
(4) Tables and figures shall be drawn clearly and numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals (ex: Table 1, Figure 1) along with a title or description. Vertical lines should not be used to divide columns in tables.
(5) A bibliography shall be attached to the text in an alphabetical order of the authors’ names. When quoting other published materials in the text, the year of publication should be indicated in a parenthesis. All quoted materials shall be stated in the bibliography with the quotations identical to the original sources.

A referenced periodical in the bibliography should appear in the order of (i) the name(s) of the author(s), the title of the work, the name of the publication (italicized), the volume number, the year of publication in parenthesis, and the page numbers. A referenced book should be written in the order of the name(s) of the author(s), the title of the book (italicized), the edition number (if more than one), the volume number (if more than one), the name of the publisher, and the place and year of publication.


Salop, S. C., “Monopolistic Competition with Outside Goods,” Bell Journal of Economics, Vol. 10, No. 1(1979), pp. 141-156.

Davis, G. B. and M. H. Olson, Management Information System: Conceptual Foundations, Structure, and Development, 2nd ed., McGraw Hill, New York, 1985.

(6) The size of paper, margins, and character and line spacing:
Size of paper: A4
Margin (unit: mm)
Upper: 30.5, Lower: 38.5, Left: 42.5, Right: 42.5, Preface: 12, Footer: 21
Font size and spacing
Font size: 11
Margin between characters: 0%
Margin between lines: 170%

5. Copyrights

The contributor is solely responsible for the contents of the manuscripts. The Korean Finance Association owns the copyright of the manuscript published in the Review.